About Us

TRAVELINDA, owned by Linda Stack, is very involved in the travel business with many years traveling and exploring the globe. Today Ms. Stack works primarily with retired adults who have wide-ranging travel dreams. She has helped them with trips to all parts of the world, multi-generational family trips, special trips for special groups (tap dancers, museum groups, etc.) and for single travelers. She specializes in river cruising and premium land tours.

One of her principal passions is Mexico, where she has lived and worked for years. She has visited almost all of the Pre-Columbian sites as well as over 15 major Spanish Colonial cities all over Mexico. She annually escorts groups of clients to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (one of the top 5 cities in the world to visit). She has also been asked to develop specific trips to Mexico by the Tucson Museum of Art for their Latin American Art Patrons, a group of avid folkart collectors. Her trips are unique given her years of hands-on experience in Mexico, her attention to details and her ability to create unique activities, coupled with her attention to detail and enthusiasm.. Here is what some of her clients say:

She writes monthly travel columns for Saddlebag Notes, a paper in her community, covering all aspects of travel as well as different destinations you may never have thought about. She is affiliated with Palm Coast Travel, a member of the Signature Travel Network (an international travel consortium composed of agencies and travel suppliers which meets annuallyto share what is new and different in the global world of travel), as well as being a member of IATA and CLIA..